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The Takatori Sacred Heart Statue of Christ


On the morning of the Kobe/Hanshin Earthquake of January 17, 1995, a statue of the Sacred Heart of Christ was seen miraculously standing above the rubble in an image very reminiscent of the image of Tecla Hashimoto (the site of Tecla's martyrdom was close enough to feel strong shaking from this quake), especially the icon of Mary in the fire behind this statue of Christ.  (as can be seen here)


Both images are reminiscent of the passage from the Book of the Apocalypse, Chapter 12, which opens by describing "a woman clothed with the sun [the sun being a great ball of fire such as surrounds Tecla Hashimoto] crying out in childbirth." This is not to say that Tecla is this woman, for the Woman of Apocalypse 12 is the Virgin Mary (especially in her apparition as the Virgin of Guadalupe, who appears "clothed with the sun" and who is pregnant in her apparition), but we may say that Tecla Hashimoto is a type of this woman--probably the greatest type of the Virgin Mary of Revelation 12 that has ever existed among women.