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Here is a link for the most knowledgeable Catholic evangelist and Biblical expert of our time http://gerrymatatics.org/

Here is a great website that analyzes the "traditional movement" that has cropped up in reaction to the establishment of the Modern Church (especially in the article entitled "My Petition for Spiritual Help" at the blinking red arrow once you enter).  Needless to say, we at teclahashimoto.com are neither  "Modern" Catholics or "Traditional" Catholics, but just "Catholics."


The link below is for the Haydock Douay Rheims online.  The Douay Rheims is a translation of the Vulgate of St. Jerome from the 5th century, in use by all Catholics for 1400 years (until Vatican II) with commentary by Early Church Fathers, theologians, saints, and popes throughout Catholic history, as compiled by the Rev. George Leo Haydock in the mid 19th century.  Read all that you've been missing in the Modern Church versions such as the New American "bible" and feel as if you are reading Holy Scripture and receiving its proper interpretation for the very first time!