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The Confraternity of Tecla Hashimoto has three main requirements:



1) Follow none of the innovations of the modern church or the "traditional


movement."  Our Faith must be exactly the same as that of Tecla Hashimoto


herself.  She is the model of our Faith--none other (except for Jesus and Mary, of


course, and the martyrs and saints canonized before 1958, when we had our last


orthodox pope; although I speak of Tecla as one who has been given especially for


our times, while so much deception is afoot).




2) Add a Little Crown of the Japanese Martyrs (see "Devotions" page)


to the end of your Daily Rosary (avoiding the modernisitic "Luminous


Mysteries," of course).




3) Spread devotion to Tecla Hashimoto and the 52 + 1 Martyrs of


Kyoto.  (Promoting this website is a good place to start!)




*** Praying the Rosary and the Little Crown of the Japanese Martyrs on the Pro-


Life/Tecla Hashimoto Rosary (again see "Devotions" page) is encouraged but not