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The Repaired Rosary

One Sunday in Spring 2010, an elderly acquaintance of mine was given the image of Tecla that is seen on each page of this website and told her story.  The following Sunday this same woman reported that she had been so inspired by Tecla's image and story that she placed the card on her fireplace mantle and prayed to Tecla each day, in fact throughout the day during her daily chores--i.e., "Tecla please help me do this; Tecla please help me do that." 


Seven days later, the following Saturday, the woman lifted up the postcard and found that her heirloom rosary that had been broken for many years and couldn't be repaired by anyone had been miraculously repaired.  She claims that her son had been through the house once during the week, the only person who had entered her house at that time, but when she asked him if he had repaired her rosary on the mantle, he said he didn't even know it was there.