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The Found Rosary

An acquaintance of mine, after departing from the San Miguel Archangel Mission heading north (she was driving her family in her own car) on the way to Mision San Antonio de Padua, discovered that her PLTH Rosary had been lost.  It was not in her purse, not in her car, nowhere.


When she  arrived at San Antonio de Padua Mission, she went into the chapel to pray for various intentions.  She had forgotten about the lost rosary at this point and prayed for various other intentions.  She had also forgotten that St. Anthony (San Antonio de Padua) is the patron saint of lost items. 


But sure enough, after departing the chapel and returning to her car, she found the PLTH Rosary--with its one red bead within all-white beads--draped gently around the rear-view mirror of the driver's side of her car.