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The Pro-Life/Tecla Hashimoto Rosary


When I was still a member of the Modern Church, I attended "World Youth Day" in Toronto in 2002 with a pro-life group whose booth I would help man.  While there, a modern nun approached the booth and gave to my colleagues and me an all-white rosary with one red Hail Mary bead near the middle of the five decades, saying this was a "Pro-Life Rosary," with the white beads representing purity of life and the one red bead representing all the babies killed by abortion.


I later realized that this rosary could also be a "Tecla Hashimoto Rosary" in that there were 52 Martyrs of Kyoto (represented by the white Hail Mary beads) and one child aborted in the womb of Tecla (represented, of course, by the one red bed)--and thus we have the Pro Life Tecla Hashimoto (PLTH) rosary.  You can make your own by stringing the proper color beads together, or just buying an all-white rosary and painting one bead red with paint or nail polish ("ruby red" works well!).