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Map of Kyoto



Click this link to see a simple, concise map of Kyoto which shows some of the locations of the key places mentioned on this website. 


1) The site where Tecla was martyred is just above the "o" of the words "Kyoto Tower" at the bottom of the map, on the east bank of the Kamogawa River which we see descending from above as it then turns into a barely-visible yellow dotted-line. 


2) Higashi-yama (Eastern Mountain) where Miyako No Seibo was buried for a few years of the Meiji Era (19th century) before being transferred to Kawaramachii-Sanjoo/St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in the center of "Nakagyo" (Central District).


3) The infamous Mt. Hiei, which Benedict-Ratzinger called the "sacred mountain" of the Shingon sect of Buddhism (even though it was Buddhists who martyred Tecla before the Great Kyoto Buddha) in his Apostolic Letter of August 23, 2007.  This mountain is just north of the site where Miyako No Seibo was buried atop Higashiyama and where Tecla was martyred at the corner of Kawabata and Shomen streets, with no mention at all of either of these two greatest women of Japanese history (if not of Catholic history), even though he was going to beatfiy the "188 Martyrs of Japan" (which includes the 52 + 1 martyrs of Kyoto minus the "1") in that same year.