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A New Evangelization Inspired By and In Light Of The Great Kyoto Martyrdom

Click here to find two "pastoral letters" written by the modern Catholic bishop, Paul Yoashinao, of Kyoto about the Great Kyoto Martyrdom.  (Upon entering the site, be sure to click the "English" option on the purple bar at the top.)

In the inexact way of the Modern Church, the letters--which were written on January 1, 2007, and January 1, 2008, respectively--are called "A New Evangelization Inspired By the Great Kyoto Martyrdom, Part I," and "A New Evangelization In Light Of The Great Kyoto Martyrdom, Part II."

As you can see in these two letters, it would appear that the "new evangelization" means nothing less than avoiding any mention at all of Tecla's pregnancyAt the same time we read that the bishop's motto is "Ut Omnes Unum Sint" (That All May Be One).  But how can "all be one" without any mention of the child in the womb?   


Maybe the bishop is not serious, as we can see from his child-like "episcopal shield"  of a cartoonish boat with a bishop-mitre sail, exuding none of the gravitas that such a

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shield demands.  It is to be hoped that--in regards to the child in Tecla's womb--the bishop would follow the motto written on the moulding of that same boat: "Ego sum, nolite timere." (I am here; be not afraid.)