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Sugar Loaf Mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro looks like the stone commemorating Tecla's martyrdom, first placed there on October 6, 1994.......

......and the Cristo Redentor Statue atop Corcovado 

Mountain looks very much like the statue of Takatori in 

Kobe, Japan on January 17, 1995, the morning of 

the Kobe Quake.......

.......and the fact that Cristo Redentor faces Sugar Loaf Mountain across Rio de Janeiro with wide open triumphant arms is like Christ telling us that since the manifestation of the Takatori Statue in the Kobe Quake, the Catholic Church is being rebuilt on the stone of Tecla's martyrdom.

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Indeed, "Rio de Janeiro" literally means "River of January," and Tecla's stone was standing next to the Kamogawa River in January when the Takatori Statue appeared far away on the opposite side of the river!

No wonder then that Kobe, Japan, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are sister cities!


Fig. 1.1

Fig. 1.2

Fig. 1.3

Fig. 1.4

Fig. 1.5