I am a lone, devout Catholic trying to get the word out about the only known pregnant martyr in Catholic history, Tecla Hashimoto, of Miyako (now known as "Kyoto"), Japan, who was mercilessly killed on October 6, 1619, along with six of her children (including the child in her womb), her samurai husband on the cross behind her, and 45 other Japanese members of the laity in what is known as "The Great Kyoto Martyrdom."

As I gradually build this "New Tecla Site," you can visit my "External link opens in new tab or windowClassic Tecla Site" and explore the site from there.   (If you are able to find External link opens in new tab or windowthe Litany of Tecla Hashimoto there, please pray it with us on October 6.....)

Tecla Hashimoto, protect and pray for us!